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Skin Color Correction

Sun damage, aging, hormonal imbalances, and other unavoidable circumstances can cause skin imperfections. We at Francine Queen of Threads offer a skin color correction treatment that has been proven effective against all causes of discoloration. You don’t have to look far to find our patented chemical peel in Newport Beach.

We at Francine Queen of Threads believe that people should have the chance to look their best. That’s why we offer a wide range of treatments to help rejuvenate and refresh damaged skin.

Chemical Peel

People often balk at the term “chemical peel.” For Orange County residents who don’t have experience with the process, the name alone can be daunting. However, what we’re really offering is a solution that gets rid of discoloration and blemishes effectively and painlessly by inducing skin renewal.

All people naturally dispose of dead skin on a daily basis to make room for new layers underneath. A chemical peel works by stimulating the skin to shed more rapidly than normal. The solution applied on the skin seeps into deeper layers and lifts dead skin off of the face to reveal healthy damage-free skin underneath, and it’s an effective solution for the most difficult cases.

Melasma, for example, is a condition that presents as dark, well-defined patches usually found around the nose, lips, upper cheek, and forehead. Though harmless, Melasma is usually difficult to get rid of, and some people spend their entire lives with these marks on their skin. Since the dark marks appear primarily on the face, it’s also very difficult to hide these imperfections on a day-to-day basis.

Our treatments have been found to be successful in eliminating dark patches caused by Melasma. Cosmolan, in particular, is the special depigmentation routine we offer that gives people with Melasma a new lease on healthy-looking skin.

Recommended when discoloration can’t be resolved by most other forms of treatment, this six-month process can help remove unsightly pigmentation and reveal healthy, glowing skin without ugly scars or blemishes. Treatment at Francine Queen of Threads always begins with an initial consultation at our office either at Newport Beach or Fountain Valley. Getting to know you and your story will help us determine which treatment is best for your particular case.

Once we’ve decided on a course of action, we can give you the initial mask treatment then and there. Then, you are sent home with a maintenance cream that is designed to treat both combination and oily skin.

We also offer a wide range of other skin treatments and minimally invasive fillers such as botox at our Orange County and Fountain Valley offices that are sure to make you feel younger as your skin looks fresher and more rejuvenated. We promise minimal discomfort, instant recovery, and amazing results. Simply contact us to schedule your treatment today.


JUNE 1, 2012